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To allow you to book your headphone rental or event with complete confidence we are offering a 100% refund on any bookings made which subsequently need to be cancelled due to ongoing COVID related issues. As long as we are given 21 days notice, your booking deposit will be returned to you within 7 days of you notifying us of your intention to cancel.

*effective for all bookings made on or after 22 April 2020 until further notice

Headphone Disco are the world’s largest and longest running silent disco operators, having been in business since 2007. Over the past 13 years we’ve not only learned all there is to know about executing an amazing silent experience, but we’ve learned how to do it safely.

Long before the COVID outbreak changed the way every company viewed their safety protocols, hygiene was an important part of our process, simply because it had to be. When you are hiring equipment of any type, regardless of whether it’s something big like a car, or something small like our headphones, it’s important that the equipment is handed over to the customer as close to its original ‘factory condition’ as possible. That means it needs to be in perfect working order and as clean as it was when it first left the factory. This has been reality for us since day one, and in the pre-COVID world our systems for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness were already thorough and robust.

With recent developments, Headphone Disco, like all companies, has been forced to re-examine, refine and enhance its processes. The ‘new normal’ requires a new mindset when it comes to hygiene and sanitisation and with this in mind we have introduced some new elements to our system for maintaining cleanliness and safety. Below is more detail on how we help to ensure that our equipment arrives at your event in the best possible condition and how you can help maintain that condition throughout the course of your event

  • All equipment is handled exclusively at our central warehouse by our team of trained staff. This allows us to maintain consistency of service when preparing, sanitising and shipping orders.
  • Staff training focuses on the importance of hygiene, and that begins with staff themselves ensuring that hands are washed before and after each order is prepared and gloves worn, then disposed of, during the preparation process.
  • Whilst inspecting and preparing equipment, all items are carefully cleaned using antibacterial formulas. At our warehouse, we use an ethanol based disinfectant spray and disposable washcloths. Each piece of equipment is carefully examined and cleaned, paying particular attention to contact points, such as ear protection pieces (the soft part that sits on the users ears) and power/volume switches. The ear protection pieces on the headphones are also frequently replaced.
  • All equipment we send out and receive is subject to this rigorous cleaning procedure including headphones, headphone transmitters, audio cords, shipping boxes and any other items we are required to dispatch.
  • Headphones and other related equipment is given a minimum 72-hour resting period before being ‘re-shipped’ to another rental client. This means that when the equipment is returned to our warehouse, it is inspected and cleaned and would not be reshipped out to another client for at least 72-hours.
  • For added peace of mind, we provide a ‘Sanitisation Pack’ with every dry hire, containing a disinfectant spray and disposable washcloths. This allows party organisers, or headphone users, to clean headphones themselves at the event, should they wish to.

Please reach out to us with any questions at any time, and our professional and dedicated team will be glad to help you plan a safe, clean and fun party for all to enjoy.