Silent Disco Hire in Glasgow

Get ready to party and take your event to the next level with Headphone Disco. Established in 2007, we have helped a wide variety of clients up and down the country plan their silent discos. If you are looking for silent disco hire in the Glasgow area, then look no further as we have a number of packages to offer that will suit your event. 


2 Types of Hire Packages Available

We have two different packages available for hire. Choose between our full silent disco hire package that includes DJs, or our headphones-only package which comes with clear instructions on how to set them up during your event.

Headphone Hire

Full Event Hire

Silent Disco Headphone Hire in Glasgow

Do you have your own DJ covered and just need us to supply the wireless headphones? Absolutely not a problem! If you’re able to handle all other aspects of your silent disco, then just headphone hire will be enough. We’ll make sure to deliver all tech you will need, including a very detailed guide which explains the setup step-by-step. We do have a 24/7 support number, should you have any questions during the event. At the end, just pack it all up and we’ll come and take it away again.


Full Silent Disco Hire in Glasgow

If you do not want any headaches on the day, why not let us deal with the setup, including DJ’ing and cleaning-up? Our full hire package covers not only wireless headphone hire, but also our full team that comes to you wherever you need us to be in Glasgow. The team will set up the entire disco to your specifications. This includes sounds, light, décor and more for an amazing audio-visual production.

What’s more, our DJs will play different sets simultaneously, so your guests can tune into the broadcast that most strikes their fancy. We’ll make sure to cater to different tastes and genres. At the end of the night, we’ll pack it all up again.


All Events Covered

We do cover all kinds of events with Headphone Disco, including birthday parties, student events, festivals, corporate events, and weddings. So, whether the reason for your silent disco, we’re confident we can tailor our services to suit your needs and requirements.

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